Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Neck Pain and the Rice Sock - Laura has suffered from severe neck pain for a very long time. She has been treated by doctors and chiropractors, and she has received only marginal relief.

Recently, it was suggested to her by a massage therapist that she "build" a therapeutic device by filling a tube sock with rice, heating the sock in the microwave oven for two minutes, and applying it to her neck.

She made such a device, and she reports that it is impressively alleviating her neck pain! Praise God!

Laura says that it is critical that one "squish" the sock following heating in order to distribute the heat and ensure that the sock performs well.

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Draw Something and "My Name Is Earl" - Laura and I enjoy playing Draw Something on our Android devices. Draw Something is the most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android! We thoroughly enjoy this game. Game play is very simple: One chooses a word from words offered by the game and produces a drawing that offers a clue to the opponent. The opponent must then arrange available letters to spell the word for which the drawing is a representation or clue. The game changes play then, and the opponent chooses a word to represent with his drawing, etc.

During the many months we have played this game, we have created some excellent drawings. The game has a click-to-save feature that allows saving drawings.

I generally play Draw Something on my Google Nexus 7, and Laura generally plays on her ASUS Transformer Prime. I sometimes use my Prime. The large display enhances the drawing experience a good deal. Laura sometimes uses her Droid X smartphone. I have no idea whatever how she manages to create the impressive drawings I have seen emerge on that tiny (by comparison) display.

Last night, we enjoyed watching six episodes of "My Name Is Earl" while relaxing on our SleepNumber bed. It was a very enjoyable evening. We snacked on brownies she made Sunday—delicious brownies, I must add!—and enjoyed the antics of Earl and friends. Our bedroom sports a 37-inch Vizio HD LCDTV and Roku unit. There is a 49" Vizio in the living room, but it is so much cozier in the bedroom! Especially when the wind is howling loudly, and the rain is pounding against the windows, the bedroom offers a delightful viewing venue.

WOW! I just ate the most delicious nachos I have ever eaten! I just ate the most delicious nachos I have ever encountered. I spread tortilla chips upon a paper plate. I spread taco cheese upon the tortilla chips. I strew birria upon the cheese. I spread more cheese upon the birria. I doused this liberally with Louisiana Extra-Hot Sauce. I hit Reheat and waited until the cheese began to bubble. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this snack!