Monday, November 05, 2012

The meteorologist for a local television station, Rob Blair, said this morning that this might well be the last day of 80-degree weather and to expect upper 50-degree weather by the weekend. This displeased me greatly, but it made Laura smile broadly!

I have noticed that I no longer enjoy the extremely hot weather we often have here--100+degree weather. Mid-to-high 80-degree weather, however, I enjoy greatly. I once frolicked mirthfully in the extreme weather and find that I now eschew anything much past 90 degrees.

Today will hopefully find us visited by hummingbirds. If this takes place, I shall perch myself in an appropriate spot and capture the delightful creatures photographically.

I am watching Deadtime Stories by George Romero. I shall report on it following my viewing.

Laura began making breakfast each morning a few months ago. Prior to that, we did not follow a breakfast routine and often skipped breakfast. Laura developed a breakfast that is such a delight that I awaken drooling copiously thinking of it and am barely able to contain myself while perched at the dining table awaiting it to appear before me! At times, we have dry cereal with strawberry or banana slices and Silk milk substitute. Generally, however, Laura produces this incredibly tasty and healthful item: Click to enlarge!

I have journeyed far and wide, and never have I encountered a more delicious and healthful breakfast treat! Laura toasts an English muffin--atop one half of which she places a fried egg, topped with a ham slice, spinach, and cheddar cheese. At the table, we add fresh salsa. As you can see from the photograph, it is beautiful. And it tastes easily as good as it looks!