Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Attention Shoppers, Woman on Fire, -and- Hey Lady

Attention Shoppers - Wal-Mart goes trendy, with sushi bar and expensive wine
Woman on Fire - woman's hair bursts into flames, causes house fire
Hey Lady - cross-dressing robber snagged by fishnet nose

It appears that spring has arrived! The sun is shining, flowers are blossoming, and birds are singing!

Even Hillary is celebrating the arrival of spring!

Florida prosecutors dropped charges against former Tampa teacher Debra Lafave, who admitted having sex with a 14-year-old middle school student. The boy's mother wanted to avoid public trial for the sake of her son. How convenient this is for the victim. Children considerably younger than this boy routinely testify, regardless of how inconvenient it may be. The law specifically provides for such testimony

The decision to drop charges came after the judge rejected a plea deal that would have meant no prison time for Lafave. The judge said the agreement, with no prison time, "shocks the conscience of this court."

At a news conference after the announcement, Lafave said she had a bipolar disorder. There are thousands of people with bipolar disorder who are serving prison sentences, and there is nothing to support the notion that bipolar disorder is a viable defense.

What concerns me the most is Lafave's smugness, her failure to accept responsibility, and her complete avoidance of apology. In fact, she indicated at her news conference that she blamed the media for publicly embarrassing her and her victim. She then said she intended to seek a career in journalism.