Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rats!, Huh?, -and- Game Time

Rats! - Florida community overrun by giant rodents
Huh? - man asks cops to test crack pipe
Game Time - man gets five years for attending Super Bowl

China's new-found environmental consciousness has reached the heart of its culture: The government yesterday announced a five-percent tax on disposable wooden chopsticks. The ministry of finance in Beijing said chopstick production used up China's forests at a rate of 70 million cubic feet of wood a year. Wow! Perhaps--as an alternative to disposable wooden chopsticks--China should consider using chopsticks made from synthetic materials! It is simply not realistic to imagine that a five-percent tax on disposable wooden chopsticks will be efficacious!

While sushi is Japanese cuisine, the chopsticks in the photograph below (from one of our delightful meals!) are re-useable! Click to enlarge.