Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stand Up Straight!, The L Word, -and- Surprise!

Stand Up Straight! - family walk on all fours
The L Word - girl becomes homecoming king
Surprise! - 13-year-old-girl gives birth to mystery baby

There was an attempt to tone down the politics at the 78th annual Academy Awards ceremony, despite the controversial, leftist, secular nature of most of the nominees and winners. The ceremony failed completely at being family-friendly or Christian-friendly.

Crude sex jokes, including jokes about homosexuality and sex-change operations, comprised a good portion of the pre-planned speeches from the stage, including Jon Stewart's emcee prattle. The beginning of the show is the most likely time that impressionable children might be watching. Yet, it was during that time of the show that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and their emcee chose to make most of the homosexual jokes. It was claimed--tongue in cheek--that the famous westerns of yesteryear were full of hidden homosexual messages.

Ratings reports show a 10-point drop in ratings for the Oscar show compared to last year's already low ratings.

As expected, the sexually explicit homosexual movie "Brokeback Mountain" took a couple major awards, and George Clooney walked off with an Oscar for his supporting performance in "Syriana," a radical, anti-American diatribe.