Friday, March 10, 2006

Sorry Dilbert!, Here Wally! -and- Oh Brother!

Sorry Dilbert! - cubicle inventor has regrets
Here Wally! - zoo intruder fed rabbit to alligator
Oh Brother! - 26 years on dead sibling's pension

POSER: (Answer will appear on Monday)
Q: What did the calf say when he learned he was nursing on a baby bottle?

Laura's car had a flat tire this morning. Fortunately, it went flat sometime after she safely returned from Chico yesterday afternoon. A call to Les Schwab Tire Center brought quick response, and the tire is now being repaired.

It is cold this morning! It is cold, windy, and overcast. It is, however, dry--at least for now. Rain is predicted for the weekend. I shall wait until tomorrow morning, arise, look out the window, and make my own weather forecast!

Laura just called to report that the flat is repaired. There was no charge, since we bought the tires (and RAMMMMM's tires, as well) at Les Schwab. I highly recommend the quality of their products and work!

Hoping to give Christians an alternative to logging on to–a "social Web site" that has been linked to crimes against youth--a Bible college teacher has founded a Web site for believers that he says is much safer than debuted online this week. It is self-described as "a free online Christian community, a resource and a place of fellowship that is safe, clean and up to date with current Internet trends such as blogging, sharing music and photos, playing computer games and conversing with people around the world through forums, e-mail and journaling." The name for the site is taken from Ephesians 2:10, "We are His workmanship." The Greek word for workmanship is "poiema," which is the basis for the English word "poem," or song-–hence "ditty."