Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No Kidding, Beam Me Up, -and- Who's Your Daddy

No Kidding - man sues to divorce 7-month-old daughter
Beam Me Up - California UFO mystery solved
Who's Your Daddy? - messy daughter fights back by humiliating father

Here it is the second day of spring, and it is still raining! The sun should be shining, flower should be blossoming, and birds should be singing!

It is not a dog: It is a cat that acts like a dog. It is a "puppykat," a new breed of cat developed by Lake Elsinore resident Dawn Houston. Houston says she happened upon the puppykat seven years ago, when two wild cats she had rescued mated. Their offspring were very puppylike, so she gave them the new name and began breeding more of them.

Houston has registered the breed with the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.

The puppykat has become popular with people who like their pets to have certain traits more commonly found in dogs. Like their canine counterparts, puppykats are more social, curious and playful. They will even come when you call. Their folded ears and shorter tails are also doglike.

While the results may be adorable and Houston may have found a market for the puppykat, her breeding has not been received positively by everybody.

Breeders and cat lovers from across the country have sent dozens of emails and letters criticizing her for mixing the Scottish fold, Manx, and polydactyl breeds, something they consider dangerous to the health of the cats.

This is just wrong, in my opinion!