Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sleep Tight, Smile You're on Candid Camera, -and- Oink!

Sleep Tight - woman sues hotel after suffering 500 bed bug bites
Smile You're on Candid Camera - Peeping Tom must pay house guests $3.25 million
Oink! - farmer feeds friend's body to pigs to steal pension

The counter has been reset! As you may recall, about three weeks ago the visitor counter (as well as all counters on all my Web sites) was reset to zero when Verio migrated my domain to a new server. This morning, Verio corrected this, and all counters now show actual visitor traffic!

Jury Duty! Those of you who routinely visit this blog early were most likely disappointed to find no post for today. I was summoned to report for jury duty at 8:30 AM this morning in Red Bluff, the county seat, about 18 miles north of here.

I reached the courthouse at 7:55 AM and waited impatiently for the jury selection process to begin. Between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM, prospective jurors continued to straggle into the courtroom, some mumbling that they had overslept. At 10 AM, the judge announced that the defendant had decided to plead guilty. This was wonderful news, particularly since it countered the nightmare I experienced last night in anticipation of today: In this nightmare, I was selected to sit on the jury for the trial of a man charged with serial murders--a trial anticipated to last six months!