Monday, March 20, 2006

Animal House, Hellboy, -and- Snake Eyes

Animal House - man gets jail time for disorderly house
Hellboy - atheist sells his soul on eBay
Snake Eyes - man kisses cobra 51 times

POSER: (Congratulations to Cap'n Jack for correctly answering!)
Q: What do you call an enemy vegetable under deep cover?
A: Sleeper Celery!

Following a weekend of beautiful, sunny, warm--albeit windy--weather, today is cold, wet, and gloomy. This is an incredible disappointment for the first day of SPRING! I had anticipated that the beginning of spring would be filled with warm sunshine and the singing of birds--particularly given the beautiful weather we enjoyed for the weekend. What a dismal, disappointing beginning for spring!

Friday evening, Laura had nursery duty at Harvest Christian Center. It was too late to have a pizza when she arrived home, so we snacked on blueberry waffles and watched "Walker, Texas Ranger."

Laura and I enjoyed several games of Trivial Pursuit over the weekend. I am now in the lead. The play will continue next weekend.

Saturday morning, we had a lovely omelet, stuffed with red bell pepper, white onion, mushrooms, ham, and Monterey Jack cheese. We then visited my mother in the hospital in Red Bluff, where she is recovering well following the repair to a fractured hip. Upon returning home, we played Trivial Pursuit and sipped champagne. We decided it was too windy to grill, and I made a beef dish by slowly cooking chunks of top sirloin, white onion, celery, white mushrooms, garlic, baby carrots, and baby red potatoes in a red wine sauce. We watched two episodes of "CSI" on DVD and retired at 10 PM.

Sunday morning, we attended church as we do each Sunday at Harvest Christian Center. We then did our weekly grocery shopping at Sav-Mor Foods. We snacked on Triscuits, pepperoni, Gouda cheese, and Jalapeño slices and sipped Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while we played several games of Trivial Pursuit. We had pizza for dinner, watched "Intervention" and "CSI Miami," and retired.