Friday, March 31, 2006

The Honest Hiker, Homos on the Range, -and- Snake Eyes

The Honest Hiker - man finds $1 million in jewelry, turns it in
Homos on the Range - "Brokeback Mountain" banned in the Bahamas
Snake Eyes - man crashes car after pet bites him

POSER: (Answer will appear on Monday.)
Q: When a farmer in the Army is jilted, what sort of mail does he receive?

The weather continues to disappoint me. While it is encouraging to watch the news and see far more dismal weather elsewhere, this encouragement is very fleeting indeed. It was reported yesterday that San Francisco has suffered the wettest March in history, experiencing 24 days of rain for the month. This news prompted me to remark to a client who was in my office at the time this was reported on the Fox News Channel, "Ah, it could certainly be worse!" The satisfaction of realizing that San Francisco had more rain this month than we had here soon faded, as I gazed into the Web cam feed on my Desktop and saw the storm clouds looming.

While wet weather this time of year is not altogether rare--I can recall a few damp Easter egg hunts--it is highly unusual for the dismal days to so greatly outnumber the pleasant days.

My client said that soon I would be complaining about the heat. I assured her that the possibility of this happening was considerably less likely than the threat of abduction by aliens. At this point, she said, "That's not anything to joke about!" Whatever credibility I had previously granted her disappeared.

Here is another image of Linda Ronstadt, taken at a concert at Hughes Stadium, Sacramento, CA, in 1974. Click to enlarge.