Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crash, Funny Money, -and- Take the Money and Run

Crash - man hits his own car and sues himself
Funny Money - man busted in California with billion dollar bills
Take the Money and Run - teen busted at border with $97,000 in cash

Here is the Garlic Mashed Potatoes recipe that is a favorite at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. You may click on the link to open the recipe in a new window or right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As" to save the recipe to your computer.

The California Supreme Court ruled last Thursday that there is no right of the Boy Scouts of America to enjoy access to Berkeley's public marina. The court's endorsement of Berkeley's discrimination against the Boy Scouts says, in effect, that the Boy Scouts of America interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of both life and property.

The BSA is one of the great assets to life and property in our nation. The nation's premier youth organization contributes millions of volunteer hours and Eagle Scout projects to our nation's communities. The BSA teaches valuable life skills, promotes lifesaving and patriotism, environmental stewardship, encourages academic excellence, and promotes "duty to God" and moral straightness.

The Sea Scouts, beginning in the 1930s, were given free access by the city of Berkeley marina to berth Scout-owned boats. For 60 years, this arrangement continued. In 1998, the Berkeley City Council demanded that the Sea Scouts admit homosexuals and atheists as members and leaders. Unwilling to compromise the Scout Oath, the Sea Scouts lost the dock subsidy.

Two other nonprofit organizations continue to have free berthing at the Berkeley Marina: the California Sailing Club and the Berkeley Yacht Club. For refusing to compromise character, the Boy Scouts are excluded.