Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Salsa Time, Crimson Tide, -and- Spine-tingling

Salsa Time - woman shows off 5-pound mango
Crimson Tide - red snow falls in Russia
Spine-tingling - jury awards $5 million in screwdriver case

The weather yesterday was bizarre! It was dry all day but windy and very cold. I was home at 5 PM when the power went off for 20 seconds. I had just completed resetting computers, audio/video equipment, and clocks when Laura called and said she had encountered a monster hail storm on her way home from Chico and was crawling along at 20 miles an hour. She soon reported that she had passed through the hail storm and would be home soon. At 6 PM, Laura and I were watching "CSI." Suddenly, a fierce hail storm struck! The television screen went blank and the message "Searching for signal from satellite" appeared. The hail storm lasted about 20 minutes, and when it ended, the satellite signal returned.

Last year at this time, we were enjoying 90-degree-plus weather. El Nino, stop it!