Friday, October 11, 2013

National Sausage Pizza Day, Taco Salad, In the News, and Enjoy

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National Sausage Pizza Day - Today is National Sausage Pizza Day! YES!

We shall be celebrating this holiday by dining upon a sausage pizza made by Laura's loving hands. Here are some examples of her recent pizza creations:

Taco Salad - Laura produced a wonderful taco salad last evening. She used ground turkey instead of ground beef. She added a goodly amount of hot spices as well as my offerings: I diced a medium white onion, four large Jalapeño peppers, and 18 cloves of garlic.

The salad was delicious. Laura stowed a large quantity of the spicy turkey mixture in the freezer for future use.

In the News - Here we go!

  • Scientist Measures Brain Waves to Determine Ideal Prices for Products
  • Thousands of Doctors Fired by United HealthCare
  • Georgia School to Cancel Class Because of Great Weather
  • Burnt Toast Evacuats Vermont Airport
  • Man Amputates His Own Leg with Saw

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!