Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Underground America Day and Bizarre News

Underground America Day - Today is Underground America Day, but do not expect to be entertained by Lou Reed's music or Andy Warhol's art: Underground America Day is a time to honor the 6,000 or so North Americans who make their homes not only on the Earth but in it. Underground America Day began in 1974, when architect Malcolm Wells came up with the idea.

There are no celebrations planned for this day; there is no need to clean the grill; there are no celebratory sporting events taking place today; there is nothing you need do! If you are an Underground American, life moves forward as on any other day. If you are like the majority of Americans and live above ground, simply conduct your day as you would otherwise. Happy Underground America Day!

Bizarre News - Today is a good day for devotées of bizarre news:

  • Store robbed at gunpoint across from police station
  • 3 arrested in drug, prostitution sting at Englewood senior citizen housing complex
  • Authorities in Kentucky have charged a man who officers say had an overnight feast in a closed supermarket outside Louisville
  • Snake Made of Ground Beef Makes for a Frightening Display At Seattle Grocery
  • Grave Robber Accused of Stealing Items from Florida Cemetery to Decorate Home
  • Florida Bus Driver, Allegedly Forced Students to Fight in Her Backyard
  • Man Arrested for Using Bulldozer to Destroy 2 Homes, Power Lines