Wednesday, May 22, 2013

National Day of Wind and the Oklahoma Tornado

National Day of Wind - Today is the National Day of Wind. No. It is not, but it should be!

I enjoy a gentle breeze on a warm summer evening, but this WIND is NOT WELCOME! The weatherpeople predict gusts of 40+ MPH today for this area! As I walked from our house to Mr. Nitro R/T this morning, such a gust nearly felled me! I found it necessary to quickly button mine outer shirt—since the fierce wind was creating the similitude of a kite from it, and I felt myself being lifted skyward! Once buttoned, my shirt became safe—no longer an object to be feared—and I scurried to the (relative) safety of Mr. Nitro R/T.

My preference for a day is clear skies, sunshine, warmth, and dryness. When it rains, I hear people say, "Well, we sure need the water. Have you seen the river lately? It is low!" No one ever offers a credible reason to herald the wind, however. There is none! The wind exists for no other purpose than to spread pollen and dust and to annoy people and vex their sinuses!

I was bemoaning the wind—imagining what a nice day it would be were it not for the wind—and I moved my focus from the live Web cam feed on my Desktop monitor to the 39" Vizio LCD HDTV. Fox News was showing video of the recent tornado in Oklahoma.

I immediately dropped to my knees and prayed to God for the victims of this horrid tragedy. As I prayed, I felt considerable shame for my selfishness! What, after all, is a bit of wind compared with the suffering many endure daily throughout the world?