Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Queerly Beloved, All Hands on Deck, -and- It's an It

Queerly Beloved - same-sex couple in tax protest
All Hands on Deck - proposal to make USS Iowa homosexual museum
It's an It - transsexuals to get two ID cards

I recall with great delight the era of my youth: Homosexuals lived openly only in France and San Francisco. There were no "gay rights." There were no "same-sex unions." The concept of homosexual marriage was completely alien to that society.

How is it, I wonder, that society has fallen into such a state of moral indifference that what was once (and rightly so!) considered abhorrent is now tolerated? Tolerance is a good thing, but when it is allowed to exist without the requisite constraint, the separation between "tolerance" and "acceptance" becomes so blurred that it is extremely difficult to define.

The storm that was forecast for last night did not arrive! It is sunny today and already pleasantly warm at 8:30 AM. I realize we "need water," but I prefer to get mine from the water cooler!

My cat, Zeus, has a new hobby: He has taken to leaping onto the kitchen counter to supervise me while I take an assortment of pills and a glass of Benefiber! He feels it necessary to so closely supervise this morning ritual that he makes a great pest of himself. It is impossible to take issue with him, however, because he is so darned cute!