Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kill It and Grill It, Spell This, -and- Drive My Car

Kill It and Grill It - PA allows ancient weapon for deer hunters
Spell This - Tokyo man claims spell gave him harem of 10
Drive My Car - $5000 a week chauffeuring strippers a scam

If you attempted to comment (or read comments, for that matter) last evening or this morning but were unable to do so, I wish you to know that this issue was out of my control. Blogger servers were taken offline, for what was supposed to be a 30-minute period, for maintenance. The outage lasted over 12 hours! Yikes!

I recently saw an episode of Mythbusters during which testing by the Mythbusters team confirmed that using a cellular telephone while operating a motor vehicle results in driving impairment equal to drunk driving. In fact, the test scores for the cellular telephone segment were actually poorer than those for the drunk driving segment!

While driving the five blocks from my home to my office, I saw three people using their cellular telephones while driving! This was at 7:50 AM, a peak traffic time! There is no conversation so important that it cannot wait until the vehicle is at rest!