Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Hello, -and- Oops!

Happy Birthday - female cop fired over whipped-cream licking
Hello - two men drunk-dial judge at 2:45 AM
Oops! - artist binds feet and loses key

I received a reply to the email I sent to the mystery SBC account two days ago. The reply was sent last night, just after 10 PM. The sender asked who I was, how I had obtained the email address, and what I wanted. I replied, answering these questions. I am awaiting a response to my reply. The mystery continues!

I just watched Ted Nugent on DaySide (Fox News Channel, channel 360 on DirecTV). There was a plate of scallops on the table that were part of a news story. Ted picked up the plate, smelled the scallops, commented on how great they smelled and how nicely they were seared, and asked if he could have one. Mike said that he could, and Ted pulled out a Spyderco knife, flicked it open, speared a juicy scallop, ate it, and grinned widely!

I was feeling very good about my Bubble Breaker high score of 1316 until Gareth (see comments to yesterday's post) declared his high score was 1464! I had become complacent, I must admit, and shall now play with renewed vigor. I am driven to best Gareth's score!