Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Not My Fault, Movie Time, -and- He's Batty

It's Not My Fault - Sean Penn blames President Bush for not being able to quit smoking
Movie Time - postal worker steals Netflix DVDs
He's Batty - vampire seeks Minnesota governor's position

My cat, Zeus, has a fetish: Each night, he waits until he thinks Laura is asleep (sometimes she is; sometimes she pretends that she is), and he furtively leaps onto our bed, slithers up to Laura's head, removes her hair "scrunchy" with his teeth and front paws, and scurries away with it. Later, he returns and places it on her pillow, beside her face! What a bizarre event this is. I have pretended sleep in order to watch this several times!

It is raining, albeit lightly. The foul weather predicted for earlier in the week has apparently arrived--just in time for the weekend! Yikes! My fears are realized!

We enjoy watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation reruns on Spike TV. The commercials played during breaks have always been disturbing--advertisements for violent video games and gruesome horror movies, etc. This week, however, a disgusting new low has been reached: Commercials for "Girls Gone Wild" videos are so explicit that they are pornographic. The depiction of naked young women fondling each other, writhing against each other, and exchanging spittle with each other is disgusting and has no place on mainstream television. It is truly unfortunate, in my opinion, that satellite television is not subject to the same obscenity laws that govern broadcast television!

This just in from reader Chris: Cats Gone Wild!