Monday, January 23, 2006

Mistaken Identity, The Fats of Life, -and- Get Me Out of Here!

Mistaken Identity - man given 33-year crime history in error
The Fats of Life - woman drops 450 pounds
Get Me Out of Here! - man trapped in toilet when lock freezes

The weather was sunny and warm, albeit windy, over the weekend, and the sunshine (and, unfortunately, the wind) continues today. We grilled a London Broil, mushrooms, red bell pepper, and red onion last evening. The wind howled relentlessly, but Laura tended the grill without complaint.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a pizza and tried to enjoy a movie: We watched Madagascar, and it was a labor to do so! This movie looked so good in the previews, and reviews of it were so enthusiastic, that we anticipated being thoroughly entertained by it. What an utter disappointment it was!

Reviews compared it to Shrek and Shrek 2. The Shrek movies were incredibly humorous and thoroughly entertaining. Madagascar was neither humorous nor entertaining! It was simply boring! Ah, well; movie reviewers are like weather forecasters: They cannot be trusted!