Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Say It's Not So, Drunken Justice, -and- It Wasn't My Fault

Say It's Not So - top 10 junk-science claims of 2005
Drunken Justice - judge drunk on the job
It Wasn't My Fault - man soils himself then sues

Happy 2006! The storm that was expected last Saturday came that night and continued through most of Sunday. The rain was heavy, and there was a good deal of local flooding. Woodson Bridge across the Sacramento River here was closed. A lady ignored the signs and had to be rescued from the river by helicopter. Laura and I took a road trip yesterday to view the flooding. Woodson Bridge was open. The river was very high, and the county park remained flooded. There was no rain yesterday, and there is no rain so far today. Hopefully, the danger has ended.

We took advantage of the relatively pleasant weather yesterday and grilled New York steaks and scallops. The steaks and scallops were marinated in a spicy Thai marinade for several hours, and Laura grilled them perfectly.

New Bubble Breaker High Score: 1066