Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Top This, Fish Story, -and- Dude Where's My Car?

Top This - Domino's Pizza toppings tell all
Fish Story - strange creature found in Cayman Islands
Dude, Where's My Car? - stolen Corvette returned 37 years later

The sun is shining! This is a very pleasant surprise. The weatherman was wrong yet again!

I did not watch the Golden Globe Awards. When I learned what movies had received awards, I was very pleased--pleased that I had not been witness to this! Apparently, Golden Globes are now awarded for cinematic depiction of degenerate behavior. This is truly an abhorrent celebration of the abysmal depth to which the motion picture industry has plunged.

Fortunately, these awards are not representative of the morality of mainstream America. This fact, however, makes the award choices all the sadder. To all but the most naive, it certainly must be apparent that there is a loathsome agenda in Hollywood in play here, and this agenda was endorsed and rewarded by the Golden Globe Awards.