Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Lease on Life, Never Too Young, -and- Tax Dollars at Work

New Lease on Life - family offered for lease on eBay
Never Too Young - 7-year-old boy takes family pickup for joyride
Tax Dollars at Work - inmate goes from man to woman, back again, at government expense

The sun is shining brightly again today! This is truly beautiful weather, particularly for this time of year! The forecast had been for rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, but--except for very brief showers Tuesday afternoon--it has been incredibly sunny, warm, and beautiful! My concern is that the storm that was predicted has been delayed and will arrive this weekend. I loathe foul weather, but if it must come, I much prefer it to come during the week!

ME: California Technologies. CALLER: Yes, there's something wrong with my PC. ME: What seems to be wrong with it? CALLER: How should I know? ME: What is it doing that leads you to believe there is something wrong with it? CALLER: Nothing. It won't do anything. ME: I would be pleased to diagnose it at no charge and give you a repair estimate. CALLER: Okay, can you come right away? I have some work I need to get done. ME: You would need to bring the computer here. CALLER: I can't do that. I'm too busy. ME: At some other time, then, when you find that you are not too busy, bring the computer here, and I will perform a diagnosis at no charge. CALLER: I need it fixed now! ME: Call Geek Squad, 1-800-433-5778. They will come to you. CALLER: Okay. Thanks.

ME: California Technologies. CALLER: Hello. I just called and you told me to call Geek Squad and I did, but they said they don't work on Macintoshes. ME: Neither do I. If you wish, you can come here and use one of our systems to search for someone who does Macintosh repairs. CALLER: I can't do that. I told you I'm too busy. ME: I will bid you farewell then. CALLER: Well, thanks for nothing. PLONK!

Drat those pesky Macintosh users!