Monday, January 09, 2006

All Shook Up, Firestarter, -and- What a Trip!

All Shook Up - man chooses girlfriend over Elvis
Firestarter - mouse sets house on fire
What a Trip! - father of LSD turns 100

Local weather forecasters seemed incapable of determining which weekend day would be wet--predicting Saturday, at times, and Sunday, at other times, last Thursday and Friday. They were consistently wrong! It was sunny and warm both days!

We had DiGiorno pizza and Sierra Nevada Porter Saturday evening and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The pizza was good, the porter was excellent, and the movie was delightful!

Sunday evening, we enjoyed our favorite version of "surf and turf": New York steaks and Ahi steaks, charred beautifully on the outside and rare in the middle, with generous amounts of wasabi!

The client from last week appeared here this morning and signed up for her own Internet account! Her daughter confessed to her, as I had suggested, and spent several hours showing her that the Internet was not something to fear! I am very pleased with this outcome of this adventure!