Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Huh?, Don't Tell C. S. Lewis, -and- In the Dog House

Huh? - Sony launches homosexual music label
Don't Tell C. S. Lewis! - Narnia walks out of WTO talks
In the Dog House - woman chains up husband in dog kennel

I always include links to news stories that are humorous. Although they often contain elements of sadness, loss, etc., they are always humorous. This morning's lead story is simply disturbing. Among the plethora of disturbing news stories, the Sony story stands out, in my opinion, because it makes a statement, and the statement it makes is: It is okay to be gay. The launch of homosexual programming via the LOGO channel took place without fanfare and, once it was discovered, was easy to avoid. Sony's new label launch, however, comes with considerable exposure from the various media sources.

Sony's position in the entertainment industry is huge, and Sony's influence is great. Given this, by openly embracing homosexuality, Sony sends a strong message of acceptance of a lifestyle which is condemned by God and leads, necessarily, to disease.

Will music stores now have genre sections for Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender? This is truly disturbing!