Monday, April 27, 2015

National Prime Rib Day, In the News, Weekend Food, and Enjoy

National Prime Rib Day - Today is National Prime Rib Day!

Prime rib is easily one of America's favorite steaks.

A standing rib roast, also known as prime rib, is a cut of beef from the primal rib, one of the nine primal cuts of beef.

While the entire rib section comprises ribs six through 12, a standing rib roast may contain anywhere from two to seven ribs.

It is most often roasted "standing" on the rib bones so that the meat does not touch the pan. An alternative cut removes the top end of the ribs for easier carving.

Rib eye steaks are cut from a standing rib, boned with most of the fat and lesser muscles removed.

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Texas A&M Galveston Professor Hits "Breaking Point," Fails Entire Class
  • Dubai to Launch "Robo-Cop" Police Force
  • Three Women Jailed in Russia for Twerking Next to Monument
  • New York City Council Wants to Decriminalize Low-level Crimes
  • Marin County Schools Remove Desks, Give Students Standing Desks

    Weekend Food - Laura made several delicious meals for our weekend dining pleasure.
    Laura created an incredible meal that featured Asian turkey meatballs—coated with an incredible Sriracha glaze—rice, and sugar snap peas.

    Laura made some really innovative and tasty breakfasts. She used very thin deli ham, shredded cheddar cheese, and eggs&#!151;baked in the convection oven.

    The pigs-in-a-blanked she created were delicious! She used crescent dough, Smokey Joe sausages, and Munster cheese and baked them in the convection oven.

    Last evening, we enjoyed a superb meal of thin spaghetti and marinara sauce. Laura created the sauce from scratch. It simmered throughout the day and made the house smell wonderful.

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!