Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Justin Bieber Urinates into Restaurant Mop Bucket

Justin Bieber Urinates into Restaurant Mop Bucket - This headline assaulted my sensibility and set the "mood" for this morning's news!

Generally, I begin my day in this fashion:

  • Arise and perform toilet.
  • Take assorted vitamins and medications.
  • Ride the recumbent cycle for 15 minutes.
  • Relax at the dining room table, watch the local news via digital antenna.

    Unfortunately, the two local news channels I generally watch were not broadcasting this morning. After re-scanning for digital channels and not remedying this, I accessed the Web site for one of the channels and saw that they were off-air with technical difficulties.

    I read the Drudge Report, and that is where I encountered the disturbing story of Bieber's abhorrent potty practices. I found this to be fully disgusting yet easily in keeping with his public persona.

    If one required further proof that the end of the world is near, this story certainly provides this proof!

    If you so desire, you may view the video of this foul performance here: Justin Bieber Urinates into Restaurant Mop Bucket

    Celebrities are only very rarely acceptable role models, but Bieber goes well beyond anything I can imagine. I do not aid the enabling of such foulness! I eschew attending movies, buying CDs, etc., that would add in any fashion to the coffers of such miscreants!

    I must attempt to erase the foulness that is Bieber and his peerage by viewing some entertaining and—by comparison—morally encouraging videos!