Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Eclipse Smartphone Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Element Case - Review

Eclipse Smartphone Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Element Case - I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone 10 days ago. Reviews of this incredible smartphone are readily available in great numbers, so I shall not address this here—other than to say no matter what you have heard in praise of this phone, it is easily all that and more!

While awaiting the arrival of my Samsung Galaxy S4, I ordered the factory flip cover from Amazon.com.

This case is well made and protects the phone well, but I found that it was unduly troublesome when using many of the phone's features. When using the phone's camera, the flip cover made the process unbearable. After a few days of use, I became thoroughly disappointed while using the camera and removed the case and replaced it with the rear cover that shipped with the phone.

The front glass panel of the phone is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and is easily strong enough to maintain structural integrity under even the most severe of conditions. The factory rear panel, however, is slippery and thin—making the phone easily dropped and damaged.

While reading Pulse, I encountered a press release of an all-new case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Element Case. This product was due to begin shipping the following day, Thursday, June 27. I ordered one. The unit arrived this morning. It is beautiful and functional beyond my expectations.

The Eclipse S4 case features a main body constructed of impact-resistant TPU polymer, ergonomic shape, anodized CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum bezel, and aerospace-grade carbon fiber protective back plate.

The Element Case Eclipse also includes an integrated kickstand for better video viewing.

The Eclipse S4 case also features a patent-pending SBS (Sound Boost System), which redirects sound waves from the S4's rear speaker to the front of the Eclipse case. The sound boost and quality enhancement make for better game play and video viewing without the use of headphones.

A lanyard adds additional security.

The Eclipse S4 case from Element Case is a perfect combination of beauty and function.

The Eclipse S4 case feels comfortable and secure in my hand. The case provides a secure, non-slip grip and easy access to the extended buttons for volume and power.

At $79.95, the Eclipse S4 case from Element Case is certainly not the least-expensive case on the market, but it is easily and undeniably the best!
If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, I recommend that you treat it with the respect it deserves and sheathe in in the Eclipse Smartphone Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Element Case. There is, very simply, no other case extant that affords the quality and feature set offered by the Eclipse Smartphone Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 from Element Case.

The sound produced by the Sound Boost System—both with respect to sound quality and available volume—is simply amazing. Re-directing the sound to the front and enhancing it, the SBS is truly a marvel.

The kickstand is very handy when watching videos or reading documents and works particularly well when using Eye Scroll, Air Gestures, and Voice Commands.

The tether is very handy and provides additional safety.