Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wicked Weather, Help Me!, -and- Take That!

Wicked Weather - massive hail stones smash cars
Help Me! - recovery program for email addicts
Take That! - woman gets 2 years for tossing cup at car

On this day in history: February 21, 1931 - The first attempted hijacking of an airplane occurs when revolutionary soldiers in Peru seize a Ford Tri-motor and demand pilots drop propaganda leaflets over the capital, Lima.

Born on this day in history: February 21, 1933 - Nina Simone (1933 - ____) jazz singer, pianist, composer, songwriter. She is an accomplished pianist as well as an elastic singer; her repertoire extends from gospel to jazz, soul to pop.

Today's Video: Blues Slide Guitar

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Yikes! It is RAINING! It is raining very lightly, but it is raining nonetheless. It is, however, four degrees warmer than it was yesterday at the same time. That is, however, only marginally consoling. Ah, yes: It is also very windy!