Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Fat of the Land, Shut Up!, -and- Queerly Beloved

The Fat of the Land - Prince Charles wants McDonald's banned
Shut Up! - teacher cuts boy's tongue to silence him
Queerly Beloved - city votes to fire sex-change city manager

On this day in history: February 28, 1968 - Singer and early 60's heartthrob Frankie Lymon is found dead from a heroin overdose next to his syringe, in his grandmother's New York City apartment.

Born on this day in history: February 28, 1901 - Linus Pauling (1901 - 1994) chemist He was the first to receive two unshared Nobel Prizes in separate fields (Chemistry, '54 & Peace, '62).

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Today's Video: Beer-launching Mini Refrigerator!

Today is National Eat a Spider Day! To celebrate, I have prepared a big batch of fried tarantulas! You are all invited to stop by my office and partake of this delicacy! Click to enlarge.