Friday, February 16, 2007

Fighting Back, Piracy, -and- Neither Rain Nor Sleet

Fighting Back - store owner fatally shoots would-be robber
Piracy - YouTube hands over user IDs to Fox
Neither Rain Nor Sleet - soldier's postcard arrives 90 years late

On this day in history: February 16, 1923 - Lord Carnarvon opens King Tut's tomb, revealing one of the most well-preserved treasures from the ancient world. While it has been frequently reported that a curse killed 13 of the 20 people present at the opening of the tomb, there was no curse and no unusual death patterns occurred.

Born on this day in history: February 16, 1959 - John McEnroe (1959 - ____) tennis player. "Superbrat" was infamous for his temper and on-court antics; won U.S. Open 1979-81, 1984; became a respected tennis commentator.

Today's Video: The Handyman Submitted by Frank.

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Laura's 1996 Toyota Paseo is getting its windshield replaced today. I shall be closing my office at noon and scurrying home to meet with installers from Mike's Mobile Windshield at our house. Tomorrow morning, we shall take the Paseo to the car wash and thoroughly clean it. Tomorrow afternoon, a potential buyer is coming from Redding (an hour north of here) to inspect the Paseo and, hopefully, determine that it is precisely that which he seeks.