Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stealing Music, Fighting Back, -and- Never Too Young

Stealing Music - Apple sparks battle over copyright
Fighting Back - intruder killed by homeowner had long criminal history
Never Too Young - 10-year-old charged with felony

On this day in history: February 8, 1994 - During an argument Jack Nicholson destroys the windshield of a car with a golf club, screaming "You cut me off!" Charges were dismissed on May 2 after the matter was settled privately. Nicholson did this one month before he was to host the annual Los Angeles Police-Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Born on this day in history: February 8, 1920 - Lana Turner (1920 - 1995) actress. She was a legendary Hollywood sweater girl of the 1940s; her movies includes "The Survivors," and "Falcon Crest."

Today's Video: Let's Fly! Submitted by Frank.

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For dinner last evening, I made a delightful salad: I poached and chilled a dozen giant shrimp, added sliced celery, sliced Jalapeños, diced cucumber, sliced cluster tomatoes, grated ginger, cashews, herbs and spices, extra-virgin olive oil, and rice wine vinegar. It was delicious.

At approximately 9:45 PM last evening, the power at our house went off, returned, and went off again. Shortly thereafter, we witnessed a PG&E transformer explode through our bedroom window. Laura retrieved my cell phone from the pocket of my trousers, turned it on, and placed it on my nightstand. (I keep the alarm clock on my cell phone set at 6:30 AM.) We nestled into our Sleep Number bed and chattered until sleep overtook us. I awakened at 5:30 and found that the power had returned. Now shall begin the resetting of many clocks. The power did not go off at my office. All is well there.