Friday, February 09, 2007

Classless, Godless, -and- On a Budget

Classless - teacher arrested for using cocaine in classroom
Godless - police search for cult leader who eats girls
On a Budget - O.J. Simpson told to stop spending

On this day in history: February 9, 1989 - Officials for the World Wrestling Federation testify before the New Jersey Senate that their matches are actually rigged.

Born on this day in history: February 9, 1874 - Amy Lowell (1874 - 1925) poet, critic, lecturer. She was a leading poet of the Imagist school.

Today's Video: Dilbert Has "The Knack"! Submitted by Phillip.

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It is raining! For the last few days, it has been drizzling on and off, but today it is raining! It is raining so hard that Laura enlisted me to drive her around the block and down the alley to her new Yaris so that she could avoid the deep puddles that had formed during the night at the side of our house. It was the first time Laura has been in my new Nitro R/T. Hopefully, her next ride in Mr. Nitro will be under more pleasant conditions!

While this is not Mr. Nitro, it is Mr. Nitro's identical twin! Click to enlarge.