Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One Bad Apple, Save the Trees, -and- Shocking!

One Bad Apple - iPod users warned against MS Vista
Save the Trees - world's oldest newspaper goes digital only
Shocking! - dad accused of using stun gun on baby

On this day in history: February 6, 1951 - Radio personality Paul Harvey is arrested for trying to break into Argonne Atomic Lab.

Born on this day in history: February 6, 1911 - Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2006) 40th president. He was an All American football player, movie star in "Bedtime For Bonzo," President, 1981-89.

Today's Video: So You Like a Little Recoil? Submitted by Frank.

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Nitro Update: Laura swooped upon me yesterday afternoon and took me to Chuck Patterson Auto World in Chico, where my new Dodge Nitro RT awaited me! Words fail me! It is an awesome vehicle with every conceivable creature comfort. I shall soon be doing photo shoots of Laura's new Toyota Yaris and my new Dodge Nitro RT and will make the photos available here. Saturday, I shall take Laura to Chico so that she can retrieve her 1996 Toyota Paseo. We shall offer it for sale through AutoTrader.

God orchestrated my acquisition of the Dodge Nitro R/T! As you may recall, RAMMMMM was sold to a buyer from San Luis Obispo. The night of the sale, the buyer called to say he was staying in Corning and wished to unwind the sale. My first reaction was to say, "No," but the Holy Spirit cautioned me against this and told me to graciously do as the buyer requested. I did so the following morning.

During the brief period that RAMMMMM was deemed sold, a thorough investigation of Dodge dealers throughout California resulted in the assertion that there were no Nitro R/Ts in inventory! I determined to simply wait until they were available before selling RAMMMMM.

The following Monday, an offer for RAMMMMM was made by someone from Colorado. The Holy Spirit told me to take the offer, and Laura agreed that if I felt so directed it was best to do so. The new buyer sent a cashier's check via overnight FedEx and arranged for a transport company to pick up RAMMMMM.

I asked Laura to visit Chuck Patterson Auto World, obtain a brochure, and ask to be notified when a vehicle meeting the specifications I had printed was available. She was told the Nitro R/Ts were due to be released "soon." The following day, the salesman called her and told her the dealership received notification of a Nitro R/T meeting (and exceeding, in fact) my specifications having been allocated to them. Laura placed a deposit on the vehicle, the impatient waiting began, and now the vehicle is mine.

Laura was taken with a red Toyota Yaris hatchback while at the dealership. It is now hers.

God is great!