Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Turn Off, Pay to Play, -and- Without a Trace

Turn Off - NYC proposes ban on using iPod while walking
Pay to Play - man sued for downloading 5 songs
Without a Trace - woman gets on wrong bus, lost for 25 years

On this day in history: February 7, 1969 - Beatle George Harrison has his tonsils removed. He had them destroyed to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Born on this day in history: February 7, 1962 - Garth Brooks (1962 - ____) singer, songwriter. He was the first country music singer to win six Academy of Country Music Awards, 1991; album "Ropin' the Wind," 1991.

Today's Video: Extra Strong - great stop-action video

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It rained during the night, and it continues to rain, although the rain is light—more a mist than a rain, actually. Nonetheless, my Dodge Nitro R/T is wet! I quickly accustomed myself with the operation of the intermittent wipers. While it is damp outside, it is certainly warmer than it has been. It has been 52 - 56 degrees in my office on recent morning arrivals at 7:30 AM. This morning, it was 63 degrees at that time. I realize we need the rain, but I dislike it. The forecast is for several days of rain. Yikes! At least the temperature will preclude the rain from turning to snow. There is that.