Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Alien Spuds, To Serve and Protect, -and- Garbage

Alien Spuds - "space potatoes" latest food fad
To Serve and Protect - FBI loses 320 weapons and laptops
Garbage - trash-filled car crashes

On this day in history: February 13, 1959 - The first Barbie Doll is introduced by Mattel in California.

Born on this day in history: February 13, 1923 - Chuck Yeager (1923 - ____) aviator, brigadier general. He was the first man to break the sound barrier, 1947; featured in Tom Wolf's book, movie "The Right Stuff."

Today's Video: Erik Mongrain - hot guitarist - submitted by Frank.

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Never take a cat on a rafting trip! Click to enlarge.

Laura has long been taking credit card applications and other potential sources of identity theft to work with her, where she shreds them. About a month ago, I told her this was an undue imposition on her and said that I would buy her a shredder. During that time, she accumulated an inordinate amount of shredder fodder. Last Friday, I ordered a shredder. It arrived yesterday. I unpacked it and took it to our house, where I set it up in one of our spare bedrooms. Last evening, Laura used it with great enthusiasm. Her eyes sparkled brilliantly, and she chortled merrily as sensitive data became diamond-cut and fell into the lighted basket of the Ativa DQ120D medium-duty shredder.

If you do not own a shredder currently, I highly recommend the Ativa DQ120D. It is a mere $69.95 at Office Depot, and it works extremely well. It has a lighted basket (the light comes on automatically during the shredding process), and slots for credit cards, CDs, and paper. It accepts up to 12 sheets at once and is fast and efficient.

Seeing the delight and excitement in Laura's eyes caused me to give her the new nickname, "Shred."