Thursday, September 05, 2013

National Be Late for Something Day, In the News, and Enjoy!

National Be Late for Something Day - This holiday is for being fashionably late for anything and everything all day long and loving every minute of it.

Yes indeed, today is the day to be late, and when you do you are proving just how holiday-oriented you are. You are a true celebrator of holidays.

In the News - Snatched from today's headlines—the unusual, the strange, the mystifying, the humorous, the weird, the interesting, etc.!

  • Surgeon Accused of Faking Operations Surrenders Medical License
  • Neighbor Says Church Bells Helped Destroy His Marriage
  • EPA Sends SWAT Team to Alaskan Mine to Check Water Quality
  • California County Votes for Secession from State, Cites Overregulation

    Enjoy! - Relax and enjoy!