Friday, September 06, 2013

National Iguana Awareness Day, CatCam, and GoPro

National Iguana Awareness Day - Today is National Iguana Awareness Day>

"Hard to care for...easy to love" was the slogan for the group of dedicated iguana owners who volunteered their time and efforts to organize "National Iguana Awareness Day" (NIAD). Although NIAD was officially disbanded in 2001, the mission of NIAD remains.

The cornerstone of the NIAD campaign was education through the dissemination of appropriate care and advice to owners and pet shops selling iguanas. Volunteers were encouraged to hand out pamphlets and flyers, make presentations to interested groups, and make media contacts. Despite dropping the official iguana awareness day, increasing awareness of the proper care of iguanas is certainly an ongoing campaign.

CatCam - I have replaced my graphic workstation with a new HP Phoenix raging beast. It is a wonderful system! I have much configuring remaining and much software to install and configure. For now, CatCam is inoperative. The software that ran it previously must be located, and it is not, at this point, a priority. Please be patient, and I shall attempt to have CatCam running soon!

GoPro - Relax and enjoy these GoPro videos!