Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Reading, Dreaming, and Watching

Reading and Dreaming - I enjoy reading. I generally read 3 - 5 books weekly. Most of the books I read are in Kindle(r) format—read using my ASUS Google Nexus 7 Android tablet and the Kindle(r) app. I rarely purchase books. Amazon.com maintains an astounding availability of FREE books in Kindle(r) format. All genres are presented. I generally maintain several dozen books on my Nexus 7. I preview the books and order those that appear to be satisfactory via Amazon.com. The book covers are then displayed in the Kindle(r) library on my Nexus 7. When I wish to begin reading a book, I select the title I wish to read, and the content of the book is downloaded to my Nexus 7 from Amazon.com. Once read, I simply mark the book for removal from my Nexus 7, and when next I sync the Kindle(r) app, the book is removed from the device.

My Nexus 7 often accompanies me when I clamber into bed. A few intense rounds of "Zombie Road Trip" precede reading. Often, lucid dreams follow this game play and reading. The dreams generally contain elements of what I have read and the game.

With Amazon Prime, one may access over 270,000 Kindle(r) titles for free! Amazon Prime affords free shipping for qualifying purchases from Amazon.com. Additionally, Amazon Prime allows one to stream a huge selection of movies and television programs—via the Web or by using a Roku(r) or other content providing device.

Amazon Prime costs $79 annually. This is an incredible bargain when one considers all that membership to Amazon Prime provides!

We subscribe to Netflix(r), and I highly recommend the service to anyone who enjoys movies and television. Often, a movie or television program will be available via Amazon Prime and not available on Netflix(r). The two services are not, in my opinion, competitive but are, rather, complementary.