Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day - Laura and I did not celebrate St. Patrick's Day traditionally. Saturday, Laura mowed the lawn with her new lawnmower.

Wait! That was not her new lawnmower! She opted to eschew power mowers and chose this reel mower. First, she assembled it:

It was then ready to assail the lawn!

The beautiful weather we have enjoyed for the last two weeks caused the lawn to grow to a frightening height. Laura enjoyed her new lawnmower, however, and soon had the lawn well under control!

Here is the lawn as it now looks:

Laura embarked upon a fitness program several weeks ago. She has been using an Android app called "Lose It" to track her progress. She is doing very well, and she is looking great. She found that mowing the lawn provided an excellent workout. She spent nearly two hours mowing the lawn, and she decided to eschew riding the recumbent cycle. I agreed that she had fulfilled her exercise needs for the day.

I cautioned her, however, that she should continue her fitness program with great care in order to ensure she does not become too skinny!

This is the point I suggested she stop!