Monday, June 30, 2014

Meteor Day, Grilling, In the News, and Enjoy

Meteor Day - Today is Meteor Day!

The word "meteor" refers to a visible streak of light that is produced by debris falling to the Earth from space. We also call this beautiful phenomenon a "shooting star" or "falling star."

The tradition of wishing upon a shooting star can be traced all the way back to 127 AD. Ptolemy, the Greek astronomer, hypothesized that the Gods occasionally liked to peer down at Earth from the other world. From time to time, a star or two would slip past them and fall through the heavens. Anyone who saw a shooting star knew that the Gods were paying attention so it was the perfect time to make a wish!

Shooting stars are actually quite small. The average meteoroid is about the size of a pebble.

Around 15,000 tons of meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere every day, but very few of them actually reach the surface. When they do, they are called "meteorites."

Sometimes when meteors survive Earth's atmosphere, they remain of sufficient size and weight to create remarkable craters when they strike Earth.

Grilling - Viewing the weather forecasts Saturday morning, it appeared Sunday would be the last day for a week or more that the outdoor temperatures would allow grilling. Forecasts of 109° weather did not invite visions of laboring over our Weber grill!

I determined that I would grill Sunday, therefore, and to this end, Laura selected some beautiful rib eye steaks—a boneless rib eye for her

and a bone-in rib eye for me!

The rib eye or ribeye is a beef steak from the rib section. The rib section of beef spans from ribs six through twelve. Rib eye steaks are mostly composed of the Longissimus dorsi muscle but also contain the Complexus and Spinalis muscles. Rib eye steaks grill well over high heat. It is best to cook them very quickly—charring the outside and keeping the inside rare.

She also bought some great corn on the cob

and some large russet potatoes.

It was a festive meal.

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Jet Makes Emergency Landing After Escape Chute Inflates Inside Plane
  • Utah Man Sentenced to Jail for Seat-saving Assault at a Mormon Church
  • 1/4 of Atlantic City Casinos Could Close this Year
  • 40% of Kindergarteners in Fairfax Virginia Schools Require English Instruction.
  • Army’s Apache Under Assault: PC Police Call Helicopter’s Name Racist

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!