Monday, June 02, 2014

Leave the Office Early Day, Juicing, and Enjoy

Leave the Office Early Day - Today is Leave the Office Early Day!

Leave The Office Early Day was the invention of Laura Stack, a specialist in employee productivity.

Time is money, and the more quickly things are done, the more productive, and profitable, a business will be.

Inflexible working hours can have a significantly negative effect on employee productivity. Leave the Office Early Day is an incentive for employees to complete tasks before schedule—thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

Leave The Office Early Day can result in a sense of commonality among the stratified workforce.

The effect is to create a sense of empathy between co-workers, whatever position they occupy in the workplace hierarchy, which leads to greater co-operation. Higher levels of co-operation in the workplace may lead to increased productivity.

More work done in less time is beneficial to the business seeking private gain or to society or humanity at large. Leave The Office Early Day advances the quest for maximum productivity.

In the News - They walk among us!

Juicing - Yesterday, Laura and I began a juicing program that will significantly increase our health level, renew our strength, and greatly enhance our lives!

Laura has taken control of our health by studying several books and a good many online resources. She shopped yesterday for ingredients from which to make juice "meals" for this week. She has introduced a system whereby she juices all our meals—following guidelines and recipes her studies have provided.

We began this program yesterday, and already I am beginning to feel the healthful effects! This is an exciting adventure, and I praise Laura for taking charge and producing the wonderful juices we are enjoying!

Many years ago, I bought a Champion Commercial juice extractor. Laura pressed it into service, and she is creating wonderful juices with it!

Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!