Wednesday, June 18, 2014

International Sushi Day, In the News, Juicing for Life, and Enjoy

International Sushi Day - Today is International Sushi Day!

Sushi really has nothing to do with raw fish. It refers to the vinegar-seasoned rice used in making what we refer to as sushi.

There are a great many types of sushi. Nigiri is made from forming a handful of rice into a mound, and placing a piece of seafood over the top. Maki rolls are made from wrapping sushi rice and various fillings inside a seaweed wrapper.

Maki rolls have many variations in Western society. For example, the "California Roll" is made with avocado, imitation crab, and cucumber. There is also the inside-out California Roll that has the rice on the outside. The "Philadelphia Roll" has smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber. the "Texas Roll" has tuna, avocado, cucumber, and is rolled in crushed French fried onions.

Sashimi is simply slices of raw fish—often salmon or tuna.

And that little mound of green paste next to your sushi? That is wasabi. It is good!

In the News - They walk among us!

  • U.S. Military's Top 10 Weird Gizmos and Gadgets
  • Mayor Caught Tossing Dog Poop on Neighbor's Lawn Resigns
  • Naked Woman Found Vandalizing Stranger’s Home
  • TV Reporter Robbed Outside Police Station While Reporting on a Robbery
  • Man Tried to Throw Football Stuffed with Drugs into Prison Yard

    Juicing for Life - Laura and I are following a modified juice fast: We have one meal a day of solid food—fresh vegetables and lean chicken breast, fish, etc. The balance of the daily meals are juice meals. We are Juicing for Life!

    As you may recall, we were inspired by a movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that documented the juice-fasting program of Joe Cross. We visited his Web site, Reboot with Joe and became determined to follow his lead. The results have been incredible. We have experienced renewed energy, increased awareness and mental acumen, weight loss, and increased good health.

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!