Thursday, June 12, 2014

Red Rose Day, In the News, Juicing for LIfe, Backgammon, and Enjoy

Red Rose Day - Today is Red Rose Day!

Red Rose Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate America's favorite flower—the red rose. A red rose signifies love. A June setting for Red Rose Day is very appropriate, as this is by far the most popular month for weddings.

In addition to being the most popular cut flower, roses are also the most popular flower in flower beds and around foundation of houses and outbuildings. They are easy to grow and produce a bounty of sweet-scented flowers from June until the first frost.

Did you know? Each rose color sends a different meaning to the recipient. Make sure you send the right message.
Rose colors and their meanings:

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Computers Will Be Like Humans by 2029: Google's Ray Kurzweil
  • "None Of The Above" Tops Nevada's Dem Gubernatorial Primary
  • Anti-gun Rally Draws 12 People
  • Woman Allegedly Asked Fictional Facebook Man Created by Her Aunt to Kill Her Aunt
  • Humans Learned to Talk by Copying Birds and Monkeys, Linguists Claim

    Juicing for Life - Laura and I are now on day TWELVE of our 30-day juice fast—Juicing for Life!

    As you may recall, we were inspired by a movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that documented the juice-fasting program of Joe Cross. We visited his Web site, Reboot with Joe and became determined to follow his lead. The results have been incredible. We have experienced renewed energy, increased awareness and mental acumen, weight loss, and increased good health.

    When I began this program Sunday, June 1, I weighed 229.8 pounds. This morning, I weighed 221.1 pounds—a loss of 8.7 pounds since we began this program!

    I have enjoyed playing backgammon since I was four years old. Throughout the years, I have honed my skills to such a degree that I have encountered great resistance from even the most skillful of players to engage me in competition. Laura has never exhibited a desire to play the game—although I have urged her to do so often.

    Last month, Laura surprised me greatly by announcing that she wished to learn the game and have me tutor her and teach her the classic moves. I eagerly set about tutoring her. After several weeks of playing, Laura has become a formidable player! I discourage all from meeting her in backgammon battle. Her skill, and the regularity with which she rolls doubles, make her a daunting player!

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!