Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy Mew Year For Cats Day, Fajitas, In the News, and Enjoy

Happy Mew Year For Cats Day - Felines, ever above mere humans in the great chain of being, have a day unto themselves to celebrate the “mewness” of a new time.

Here are our cats, Zeus and Thor!

Fajitas - We enjoyed festive dining: Laura drove through In-N-Out Burger on her way home Tuesday and surprised me with a bag of burgers!

We enjoyed two of the burgers for lunch Tuesday. The remaining two burgers were devoured for brunch on Wednesday.

New Year's Eve, we enjoyed a beautiful grilled tri-tip and an excellent kale dish. Laura dry-rubbed the tri-tip, and I grilled it in our Calphalon grill pan. Laura used a recipe from Bobby Flay to prepare the kale. It was an excellent meal. Left-over tri-tip shall star in this evening's meal—a spinach salad. I shall slice the tri-tip very thinly and toss it with baby spinach, chopped hard-boiled eggs, chopped green onions, sliced white mushrooms, and sliced baby peppers. It shall be served with a dressing prepared from extra-virgin olive oil and rice wine vinegar.

Last evening, we enjoyed fajitas.

While Laura sliced a quantity of carne asada into strips and seasoned it, I sliced fresh garlic, white onion, Jalapeños, and baby mixed peppers. I sautéed the ingredients in a large sauté pan. Laura heated some tortillas. At the table, we assembled excellent fajitas, topped with fresh salsa, and ate with wild abandon!

In the News - They walk among us!

  • "Global Warming" Scientists to be Rescued—After Trapped in Ice for Over Week
  • Man Jailed on Marijuana Charges Allowed to Receive Medical Marijuana Treatment
  • Woman Arrested for DUI When Driving to Pick up Husband—from Drunk Tank
  • Woman Finds Python in Secondhand Sofa
  • Woman Sues Husband She Says Duped Her Out Of $744,000 He Spent On Mistress

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!