Friday, January 17, 2014

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day, Jerky, In the News, and Enjoy

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day - Today is Ditch New Years Resolutions Day! If there is a day to celebrate New Years and to make resolutions for the upcoming year, then there should be a day to ditch those resolutions. That day is today!

If you have not broken or given up all of those New Year's resolutions, you are doing better than most of us. Perhaps you are well along the way to accomplishing them. Perhaps a few are already checked off on your list. Good for you!

For most of us, however, New Years resolutions are hanging heavily over our heads. They have become a burden, and perhaps it is time to ditch them. Perhaps they were not such a good idea after all.

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Google Develops Contact Lens with Wireless Transmitter
  • Local Police Departments Struggle to Find Recruits Who Can "Write a Report"
  • The Gadget that Improves Posture: Belt Vibrates Every Time a Person Slouches
  • Florida Cops Hunt Thief Who Stole TV From Target, Made Getaway on Skateboard
  • News Pennsylvania Couple Advertises House As "Slightly Haunted"

    Jerky - Laura produced a stellar batch of jerky earlier this week. She marinated carne asada in her special jerky marinade—a mixture of teriyaki sauce, lime juice, red pepper flakes, ground black pepper, garlic powder, and several ingredients that shall remain secret!—for 24 hours. She then dried the jerky-to-be in a nine-tray Excalibur food dehydrator. It is wonderful!

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!