Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weirdness in the News, Stupid Criminals, and Wow!

Weirdness in the News -

  • Boy, 11, Begins Freshman Year At College, Majoring In Quantum Physics
  • California Wants to Tax Little League, Boy Scouts
  • Man Steals Dad's Body from Cemetery Hoping to Bring It Back to Life

    Stupid Criminals - They walk among us!

  • Would-Be Robbers Arrested After Chicago Restaurant Owner Tells Them To Come Back An Hour Later
  • Miami Beach Man Tried to Buy Beer with Bartender's Own Stolen Credit Card
  • Alleged Burglar Caught by Police After Butt-Dialing 911

  • Teen's Post on Facebook Leads to Arrest

    Wow! - Do not try this at home!