Thursday, December 06, 2012

Weather - The sun is attempting to peer upon us through the clouds. For now, it is calm, 52°, and overcast. Later today, the clouds are predicted to clear, and the sun is anticipated to shine brightly through the weekend and into next week.

Laura and I hunkered down last evening and played several rounds of Draw Something. The game is currently displaying wonderful Christmas spirit by giving free coins and zero-bomb extra-coin words. This is an excellent two-player game, and I highly recommend it. Laura often plays a round or two on her breaks at work, and I receive a notification on my Nexus 7 when she does. While it is fun playing while at home, there is another level of excitement when I unexpectedly receive a notification that she has sent me a picture.

NITRORT's License Renewal - NITRORT's CA DMV renewal arrived yesterday. The fee of $196.00 seems appropriate—particularly so, since this fee includes a special plate fee of $38.00. If this fee is not paid in a timely manner, however, it quickly escalates to a charge of $305.00! That seems patently absurd. It is, however, a simple matter to escape such an increase by simply paying the $196.00 fee in a timely manner!