Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let It Snow! and The Deadliest School Massacre in American History

Let It Snow! - The weatherpeople are forecasting snow down to 475 feet. Corning is perched at an altitude of 276 feet above sea level. It would require but a very short drive to reach snow—should the forecasts be accurate. Laura and I may drive to the snow and allow Mr. Nitro R/T to cavort about in it, should the snow fall as near to the city as is predicted. I doubt either of us would care to exit and would, instead, remain ensconced within the aegis of Mr. Nitro R/T.

The Deadliest School Massacre in American History - The recent shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, have led many people to characterize school violence as a modern affliction—a byproduct of our national obsession with guns and media violence. But the deadliest school massacre in American history happened in 1927 at an elementary school in Bath, Michigan. A school board member named Andrew Kehoe—upset over a burdensome property tax—wired the building with dynamite and set it off in the morning of May 18, killing 45 people—38 of whom were children.

The school explosion took place 8:45 AM on May 18. After killing his wife and destroying his farm, Kehoe entered an explosive-laden truck and drove to the school. Thirty minutes after the initial attack, Kehoe detonated the truck bomb—killing himself, the superintendent, and a few others. Later, investigators found that a short circuit in Kehoe’s wiring prevented the attack from claiming more lives. If the explosion had gone as planned, Bath’s entire downtown might have been destroyed.

An inquest eventually determined that Kehoe had acted alone. In the ruins of Kehoe’s farm, investigators found a sign that read, "Criminals are made, not born."