Tuesday, December 04, 2012

This is "light showers?" - Each weekday morning, I slither into the dining room and watch the news on a small LCD HDTV that sits on the dining room table. I watch the news generally from 5 AM until 8 AM. The local news has the time slot of 5:30 AM until 7 AM. This morning, the weatherperson—Rob Blair—forecast "light showers" for today. I was fully prepared for light showers when I exited my house and encountered heavy rain!

When I reached my office at 7:45 AM, this is the view I saw when I peered at the CATCam preview on my desktop. It is wet out there, and it is getting wetter!

While changing the configuration of one of my domain (calif-tech.com) email accounts, I discovered an email account that I had set up around five years ago on my domain server and did not subsequently configure in Outlook 2010! I added this account to Outlook 2010 and was presented with the notification that 13,xxx messages were downloading!!!

Since I had never used this account, I felt it safe to assume the messages there were of no concern.

I immediately closed Outlook 2010 and engaged Mail2Web. I used this free service to delete all 13,xxx messages. Whew! Now, I

If you are not familiar with Mail2Web, allow me to introduce you to it. It is a free resource that can be very useful.

Mail2Web (www.mail2web.com) will access any email account by simply supplying the username and password for the account. It requires no configuration whatever, and it is fast and free! Mail2Web can be very useful if one wishes to access an email account from a borrowed or public computer.

Mail2Web also offers paid services that provide a variety of email solutions. It is a resource that I highly recommend.